Online Casino Or Land Based Casino: Which One Could Be More Addictive?

You know that casino gambling has enjoyed patronage and acceptance by a considerably large number of people over the years across several countries in the world. Of course, more and more entrants are being recorded in the casino industry. These people visit casino websites ( in a bid to stake one or more betting games which they think will be played the way they viewed them.

To these people, gambling has become a norm. Some of them cannot do without visiting casino centers to stake games on a daily basis. Betting has become a way of life to them. However, many a time, most people who enjoyed staking games but deprived of time to visit casino shops exploit the online gambling sites to satisfy their gaming appetite.

As a matter of fact, placing bets online to these people is unavoidable. It is always handy and easy to stake games online because they can do that with little or no challenge. Of course, all that is needed to stake games online is an internet enabled electronic device and knowledge about what each gambling code represents.

This is because it might be difficult to place bets correctly if one does not understand the basic terms and conditions of online mobile betting. Such terms are not difficult to understand because most of these online betting hubs have user friendly interface system.

It is a common knowledgetherefore that the two forms of betting have enjoyed acceptance over the years. Quite a number of people have become addicted to casino gambling. Gambling has taken its toil on most minds over the world.

Be that as it may, it is the opinion of anti-online gambling canvassers that online gambling has made many people to be addicted to gambling. A situation, they say, it is not ideal for the society.

While lamenting the negative impact that online gambling has had on adherents, the anti-online gambling canvassers have sponsored several meetings across several countries of the world in a bid to put an end to online gambling.

To make this happen, the canvassers believe that it is high time nations of the world began to set legal framework in place that would bring online game to an abrupt end.

However, the argument put forward by these canvassers can only be said to be a mistaken analysis and representation of error. This is because no concrete research has been carried out since then to substantiate their stated claims.

As a matter of fact, it is expedient that such claim must be backed with a carefully coordinated research process before it can be taken as factual.

Of course, some researches of very small sample were carried out to support their claims but these researches are not reliable because their results cannot be generalized.

It is as a result of the obvious limitations of the small scale researches carried out that made experts say that findings of the researches cannot be respected as factual because they are compromised.

Be that as it may, the continuous debate over online betting endeared many researchers to venture more into online and brick and mortal gambling using in-depth research design method.

The analyses of their studies show that the various designs of architecture available in land based casino increase the passion of gamblers and make them addicted more to the land based casino even now that we are in the digital age. Obviously, this position is on the right path because available statistics show that the land based casino outlets enjoy more patronage than their online digital counterparts.

However, the prevailing result in most of these in-depth researches is that risk takers who play games online have a remarkable amount of restraint than those who use land based casino centers. This is because the choice to stake games online is controlled by the individual risk taker. The environment where the bets are staked does not have any form of influence on the risk taken.

Unfortunately, there are several tempting features that stare us in the face each time we visit land based casino hub and most times, we find ourselves forced or influenced to stake games we never prepared for. To arrive at the behavior of online gamblers, empirical research was carried out by the Addiction division of Harvard Medical School.

After undertaking the rigors of conducting the research that span through a period of two years on Bwin and other online casino games in Europe, they reached a number of conclusions.

One of the highlights of the research was that most gamblers or risk takers stake once in a while but not without moderation. However, few risk takers which was placed at five percent of the sample for the study possess big appetite for gambling. In the opinion of the researcher, they stake far more than majority of the sample respondents.

In a similar development, an independent research was conducted by experts from the University of Hamburg. In this research, more than two million online gamblers were carefully observed for a time lag of over six months. It was discovered that majority of these online gamblers spent lesser than people thought they might have done.


For the period of the study, it was shown that most gamblers visited their preferred online gambling sites less than 5 hours with less than a dollar per hour. Of course, this is a huge blow to those who think that online gambling has the capacity to make one addicted to gambling.

Be that as it may, it is not far from the truth to say that online gambling does not corrupt the acceptable standards of the society. Of course, this has always been the fear of online anti-gambling canvassers. However, the findings of the two research provide answers to the multiple questions generating heated debate as to the addiction of either land based casino hubs and the online counterpart.

Obviously, the amazing architectural designs available in the land based casino centers motivates the risk takers and make them addicted to gambling.

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